Thoughts for this week

The Reason Why

"Great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh"

1 Timothy 3:16

In his book, The Reason Why, Robert Laidlaw tells of two friends who went to law school. One became a judge, but the other squandered his life, broke the law, and finished up in court. Sitting in the judge’s seat was his old friend. Everyone there wondered what kind of sentence he would pass. To their surprise, he demanded the full penalty of the law. No sooner had he passed sentence, however, that he stepped from the seat of judgment, took off his robes, walked over to the dock where his old friend stood, put his arm around him and gently said, “Let it be recorded today, not only have I passed sentence upon him, but I will stand charged with all his debts”. At that moment, his judge became his redeemer.

Christmas is the story of the day God took off the robes of deity and put on the garments of humanity. He left a palace to come to a stable because he loved  you. Listen to the poet:


The maker of the universe,

as man for man was made a curse

The claims of law that he had made

unto the undermost He paid.


Did you hear that? He Paid! Had you been the only sinner who ever lived, he would have come, he would have died, and he would have paid the price just for you!