Thoughts for this week

Built for Relationship

‘It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.’

Genesis 2:18

God wants you to have good, long lasting relationships that run deep. We’re built that way – right from the start, Genesis contains these words from God: ‘It is not good that man should be alone.’ Later in the Bible, He brought Jonathan a great friend in David; to the widow Naomi He gave Ruth, a daughter-in- law who gave her a reason to live again. And to Paul He brought a very supportive companion, Timothy. We can read all that in the Bible, but the message is pretty much common sense – a lonely life is not much fun. God doesn’t want you to make your way through life all by yourself.
Of course, we all know that God wants a relationship with each one of us, but check out John 15: 13-17 to get an idea of just how much. Every day, make it your priority to remind yourself of your worth, value and purpose from God. Think of how precious that bond between you and God is. And secondly, remember that friends are God’s life preservers, and life enrichers. He never created you to go it alone. Trust Him to bring you those you need to have around you, and ask Him to help you build lasting relationships. If you work on these areas, it will help you begin to live the way you were built to.
One more thought: try to love as God loves. He sees your imperfection, handles your rejection and loves you regardless. That should help you not to throw someone aside because they made a mistake. Think about what sort of love He has for us, and try to work that into your life.