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Kidzone and The Zone Youth Clubs

Kidzone and The Zone Youth Clubs

Every Friday Evening

From 6.30pm


is a church/community based junior youth club for P3 – P6 and is held every Friday night at 6.30pm.

Children love the relaxed, chilled-out atmosphere and the huge range of fun activities their leaders provide.

The Zone

meets every Friday 8 – 10pm for young people P7 and over. It is a safe environment where church and community kids enjoy a relaxing, fun-filled night. There are a wide variety of games and activities to suit everyone from uni-hoc, pool, football, baking, playstation and crafts etc. It’s a safe environment for young people, where drugs, alcohol, bullying and bad language are strictly prohibited. There is always time set aside during each evening for a short epilogue when the Message of Christ is lovingly shared.