Pastor Yvonne Payne

Senior Pastor

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Pastor Yvonne is an anointed woman of God with a heart for people and a ministry to serve the lost and broken of society.

Having suffered with a life impacting disease for 18 years, God miraculously healed her and she is now giving her all to impact the lives of others, through the healing power of the Gospel. She is a gifted leader and speaker as well as a loving Pastor who continues to see lives changed through her God given ministries.

Born in 1965 to Pastor and Mrs Edward Taylor, she is actually a third generation preacher on her Father’s side!

She grew up in the town of Ballymoney and attended the local schools.

Pastor Yvonne was raised in Ballymoney Church of God and all her life she has played an active role in church activities.

Her teenage years were spent singing in various gospel groups and she was also an accomplished soloist.

As a young girl she played key roles in youth fellowship groups and committees and even from an early age her teachers often remarked on her excellent leadership and communication skills!

She married her husband Jonathan Payne in May 1985, and just before their wedding day, she contracted viral meningitis. From that point onwards, for the next eighteen years, she suffered from chronic M.E. and a heart condition. Life was to change dramatically for this young couple. However, through those years of great testing, isolation and struggle they drew close to the Lord as God shaped and moulded their lives.

Pastor Yvonne vividly remembers the day she made a promise to the Lord that if He would heal and restore her life she would do whatever He asked of her. Little did she know that God’s sovereign plan was now unfolding for both her and Jonathan, as God prepared them for their ministry in Pastoral care. In fact within two years of that promise The Lord began to move miraculously in her body as well as her spirit, restoring her to full health and strength.

On 4th September 2005 an overflowing congregation celebrated the induction of Pastor Jonathan and Pastor Yvonne into full-time ministry.

Pastor Yvonne with her husband Pastor Jonathan

She is an eloquent speaker who brings the message of Christ in her own vibrant and unique way.

She has travelled all over the U.K. and as far away as Sweden, preaching the Gospel message and praying for those in need.
She has witnessed the transformation and restoration of many lives both young and old. In fact people of all age groups have commented on how much she has impacted them through countless hours of counselling and prayer.

This woman of God has a heart and passion for people. Her greatest desire is that Ballymoney Church of God be known as a House of Healing and a place where God’s redemptive power is found and received.

She knows what it is like to be imprisoned by circumstances beyond her control. She understands how it feels to be vulnerable and frightened, but she is also living proof of God’s faithfulness and healing power.

As you can imagine with any large congregation she is kept busy on a daily basis, but always enjoys the challenge of pastoral care.

Pastor Yvonne is excited about the future and all that the Lord has in store both for the congregation of Ballymoney Church of God and for the wider community.

Exciting days ahead!

“I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh…”

Joel 2:28